Lottery Winning Disputes

Lottery Winnings Dispute Resolution

Owners of lottery tickets have to ensure their ownership rights are protected when their ticket matches the draw. Issues of of possession, purchase rights and who may claim ownership over a ticket all need to be examined when a winning lottery ticket surfaces.
My name is Sulaiman Mangal. In addition to my personal injury law practice, I provide legal services for owners or individuals who want to know their ownership rights regarding winning lottery tickets. Based in Toronto , Ontario, I advocate for your rights and entitlements against winning lottery tickets and disputes with the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Commission (OLG).

Ownership Of Winning Tickets

If you live with your partner and purchased a winning lottery ticket, does he or she have ownership rights as well? Because of the high financial value of lottery winnings, questions and concerns regarding ownership, possession, intentions and how the ticket was purchased often need to be settled in court. 

Solutions to these matters are complex and every situation is different. With nearly 20 years of legal experience, I have advocated for both winners and parties who have an interest in a winning ticket. I can help you determine your chances of success with your dispute and advise on the most effective solutions to protect your rights.

Ontario Lottery Gaming Commission

Specific rules and regulations are in place in order to ensure fair play when it comes to the sale and distribution of winning tickets. If you have a winning ticket, but OLG claims it will not recognize the ticket, you will need to prove the legitimacy of your draw. 
At Mangal Law, our team has extensive experience providing effective legal representation for individuals who are under scrutiny from the OLG. We leverage this experience by helping you justify your legal position and by pursuing a resolution that protects your rights. 

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